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About miR21rx 

miR21rx, an initiative effort to find an innovative solution for solid tumors is based on a biological drug – miR-21. The drug exploit the fact that cancerous cells exhibit a dramatic elevation in endogenous miR21 levels.


Dr. Alona Zilberberg, from Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Israel’s Tel Aviv University with cooperation with Ramot, the commercial arm of the University, began miR21rx project by conducting both in-vitro and in-vivo experiments in series cancer cell lines and in nude mice, respectively. The next phase of the project was in collaboration with Science in Action (SIA), a preclinical contract research organization that was founded by Raanan Margalit, in 2010. SIA has a plethora of experience in customized preclinical research both in-vitro and in rodent models.  Both arms are now working to increase effectiveness and selectivity of the drug, for various cancers. 

This collaboration between SIA and miR21rx has led to a synergetic outcome – where science meets commercial.


miRX21rx team include:

Dr. Alona Zilberberg, Chief Scientific (CSO)

Mr. Raanan Margalit – founder and Co-CEO

Mr. Amir Zilberberg – founder and Co-CEO

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