We are dedicated to bringing innovative biological drug targeted for solid tumors.

Transcriptional control of killer gene expression by cancer or tissue-specific promoters was previously attempted, although some of these studies show promising results, limitations do exist. Among these limitations is: insufficient expression of the killer gene, leaky expression, or narrow tumor specificity. Thus, new promoters such as the miR-21 promoter should prove valuable for increasing efficacy and selectivity and to broaden the range of effected cancers.

Our innovative strategy proposes to use the promoter of miR-21 to control transcription of killer gene expression.
This promoter might have several advantages for such applications over the currently used promoters, including its broad specificity. 
Experimental evidence show that miR-21 levels increase following chemotherapy (for example during gemcitabine (Gemzar®)  chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer), this phenomenon could result in synergistic effects of both treatments. 

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